With the Summer holidays coming to an end, it is the unenviable task for most parents to buy , label and pack various sports kits for their children…Only to find half the kit has been lost by half term… !

Here at the Lewes Print Centre, we have come up with a solution -sturdy,  large,  natural cotton  drawstring bags..printed with the childs name and RUGBY KIT/ PE KIT/ DANCE KIT or whatever you need printed boldly across the front so there is no reason to loose or forget the right kit on the right day!

These are retailing at £6.00 each and offer a superb solution to the regular problem of squeezing football boots/ tracksuit bottoms/ polo shirts all into a small bag .. The cotton bags are natural white in colour and we can print your graphics in any colour to really stand out ..

We will be launching the new onesie print come the Autumn..This hugely popular clothing outfit is a favourite with kids and adults alike as offers a snug comfortable suit to wear around the house or in bed! We can print any name or logo on the onesies and have a variety of colours – these are retailing at £35.00 each including the onesie and the print..