We can copy from hard copy or email onto a variety of paper weights –

All prints are available on 100 gsm paper. Please note 100 + prints are subject to VAT.

There is a glass charge for 10+ hard copy.

Black and White                                                     Colour

A4             A3                                                           A4                  A3

1-99        10p             20p                                 1-19               75p                 £1.50

100+       9p               18p                                 20-49           65p                 £1.00

250+       8p               16p                                 50-99           55p                  75p

500+       7p                14p                                 100+            40p                 55p

1000+     6p               12p                                  250+            30p                45p

500+            25p                 35p

1000+           20p                 30p



Charges per sheet               A4                 A3

Card (120gsm/160gsm)    5p                  10p

Card (250 gsm/300gsm)  10p               20p

Card (350gsm)                    15p               30p

Dayglo                                   10p              20p

Gloss                                      20p              40p

Coloured paper                     4p              8p

Transparencies                     80p            £1.40